Cookie and Interest-based Advertising Policy

Cookie and interest-based advertising policy

This policy uses cookies and similar tracking techniques using our website, if you want to do this, we use the information about how to use these cookies.


  • What are cookies?
  • Why do we use them?
  • What cookies do we use?
  • Getting out of cookies

What are cookies?

Cookies and similar tracking techniques, such as tags, scripts, and beacons, are small pieces of code (hereinafter referred to as cookies), which are stored on a device (computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.) and a website is “personalized” Users are able to remember the information about the user’s visit to the website. We also use cookies in the email we send

Cookies are used to collect information, where your device, your IP address, operating system, and browser type is available and how you have interacted with our websites.

While cookies are used to identify users and devices, they only collect non-personal information such as IP addresses, device IDs. If the data collected by you is sometimes combined with any other information, with which you have given us information such as email address, then it is anonymous in such a way that it is impossible to identify the real people.

Why do we use them?

Our website uses cookies:

  • Store any priorities you’ve made and display content more individually
  • Evaluate the advertisement and promotional effectiveness of our website
  • Get information about the nature of your audience so that we can make our content accordingly
  • Place interest-based ads on our websites and other websites, which are tailored to your interests and preferences.

We have a legitimate interest in using cookies so that we can show you ads that we believe that the things you are interested in will control a number of times to see an advertisement and measure the effectiveness of the campaign. We advertise to help keep content free for our visitors on our site and in our newsletter.

We will always ensure that our websites are clear and easy to find information about our cookies.

What kind of cookies do we use?

  • Cookies Per Session – We only use them when you visit our website and when you exit, they are removed. They help in maintaining security.
  • Constant cookies – These cookies remain on your computer until they are finished or removed. We set the automatic removal dates so that we do not keep your information in excess of your requirement.
  • First and third-party cookies – What is a cookie or a website or domains containing ‘is or party third party’ cookies?

The first party cookies in the original words are cookies set by the websites displayed by the website – displayed in the URL window. Third party cookies are cookies that are determined by any other domain other than user views. If a user goes to a website and a different company sets a cookie through that website, then it will be a third-party cookie.

Getting out of cookies

We offer you the option of using the cookies described in this policy.

Please note that if you want to disable some cookies, then our websites can not work properly.

Please also note that after applying these settings, you will continue to receive advertisements, although this may not conform to your potential interests by using information collected from cookies and similar technologies on your device.

First Party Cookies. If you do not use cookies on your visit, click here for information about how to configure your browser settings to reject cookies. Please note that disabling of this type of cookies does not stop advertising on our websites, and the ad you see may be less relevant to you.

Third party cookies. If you want to opt-out of third-party cookies, here are some options:

  • If you are a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI) or do not want to receive personalized ads from third-party advertisers and ad networks the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Advertisement Advertising Follow, you can click here to go to opt-out pages at NAI website and DAA website or to exit.

Google offers a suite of tools to control your cookies:

  • Google Analytics, a tool used to track and report website traffic, provides an out-of-the-box browser add-on that can be downloaded here.
  • There is a tool in the Google Safety Center, where you can control the ads you see on Google and control the data you use to advertise. It can be found here.
  • If you want to block other cookies, which are being served by companies that are not part of NAI or DAA, then you can use the browser-level cookie control described below.

Browser-level cookie control

Most browsers allow you to manage cookie settings. These settings can usually be found in your browser’s ‘Settings’, ‘Options’ or ‘Preferences’ menu. The links below are provided to help you find settings of some common browsers.

Chrome and Chrome Manage cookies settings in Android and Chrome iOS

  • Manage cookie settings in Firefox
  • Manage cookie settings in Internet Explorer
  • Manage cookie settings in Microsoft Edge
  • Manage cookie settings in Safari and Safari iOS